Sample 1st Birthday Invitation Wording

1st birthdays are special and so is the 1st birthday invitation wording. Below you will find lots of first birthday invitation wording samples for you to use. Creating invitations for a 1st birthday made easy with wording ideas to match.

It's incredible nowadays how much effort parents put into baby's 1st birthday. It wasn't like that in my day, how times have changed.

Come and join us and have some fun

Emily is turning One

Come celebrate with cupcakes and jelly in the sun

Our litte Prince is turning


Come and join us for some party fun

Our little Princess is turning one

please come and join in on the fun

We're having lunch, cake and music too

We can't wait to see all of you!

Old MacAlexander

is turning one!!

So come join us for

some farming party fun!!



Come dressed in your farming gear to

Farm: 32 Broad Street

First Birthday Invitation Wording

A little cake, a lot of fun

A little host who's turning one!

First smile, first tooth

First step, first birthday!

Join us in celebrating

Katie's special day...

Have some cake

Join the fun

Claudia is turning one!

One little candle

One little cake

One first year to celebrate!

We can't believe it's been a year

Tommy's first birthday is already here!

Time flies when you're having fun

Can you believe it?

I'm turning one!

Splish Splash

It's a birthday bath

Come get soaked, we'll swim and play

As we celebrate ...'s first birthday.

Bring your suit and towel

We'll take care of the rest

This pool party will be the best

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