Creating 1st Birthday Invitations
For A Fun Filled First Birthday

Creating 1st birthday invitations that are special to mark the event when your little treasure or treasures turn one!

First birthday invitations need not be complicated and you can have lots of fun if you make your own birthday invitations.

Come and join us and have some fun

------- is turning one

You do not have to choose an elaborate theme at this tender age. If your baby has a special colour, animal or shape then use it as the theme for the birthday invitation and the party itself.

A favourite birthday theme is the rubber duck, teddy bear or farmyard theme. Another ideas is to use your baby's first initial as the invitation theme. Cut out and decorate card stock letters to use as invitations. This is a fantastic option for boy and girl twins for example where it may be more difficult to colour co-ordinate and choose an appropriate theme.

Another idea is to use a photograph of your baby for the birthday invitation. Secure the photo on to a postcard size invitation and write all the party details on the reverse.

First Birthday Party Invitations Ideas

Alternatively dress your baby in a cute costume such as a teddy bear or a ladybug and take a photograph to use for the invitation. You could ask all the babies to come dressed in their favourite costume.

Make the season when the birthday child was born the theme for a party invitation. Use snowflakes for a party in winter, flowers for summer, bright coloured leaves for autums and bugs for spring.

Take a look round your local craft store for baby scrapbook background paper and embellishments that could be used.

Have fun creating your own birthday invitations today to celebrate your son or daughter reaching that special age of one!

First Birthday Invitation Wording

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