Creating 30th Birthday Invitations

Hey there, you are turning 30 and want to create cool 30th birthday invitations. It's always great fun making your own birthday invitations for yourself, family and friends.

Make Your Own Birthday Invitations

I can just about remember my 30th, but that's another story.

Of course you could buy birthday party invitations online or at the store, however, if you can use the computer and purchase some scrapbooking embellishments you can make your own birthday invitations in no time at all.

First think about the party theme.

I went to a surprise 30th recently and we stepped back in time. It was great, we all dressed up in 70's gear and rocked the night away.

The birthday invitations were very simple. A black and white photograph of the birthday boy as a child. Of course he was wearing 70's gear (photo was pretty embarrassing) but who cares anyway. What was great was that it was a surprise. His wife stashed his party gear at the party place and he changed into it when he got there. Black afro wig, dark sunglasses, flared red trousers and a groovy shirt.

On the tables were party favors in the form of sweets from the 70's. I am sure you all remember those. Flying saucers, black jacks, fruit salads, sherbet dibs and refreshers. You can purchase these online.

So get your thinking caps on. Select your photo and away you go.

Below is some 30th birthday invitation wording you might like to use. Don't forget though, if the party is a surprise, make sure you say so on the invitation.

Another idea is to create a ticket invitation. This can easily be created on the computer in powerpoint.

Or how about creating a cd or a record invitation.

Prepare all the wording on the computer such as hits of the 70's, in a circle template. Print onto some white card. Cut out the circle and then draw the number 30 in the middle. All the party info can be printed or written on the reverse.

Have fun and make birthday invitations that are easy but cool.

30th Birthday Invitation Wording

Shhhh it's a Surprise Party

Don't tell! John is turning 30

And we are having a birthday bash

He'll wear his best 70's shirty

The aim is, we'll all get lashed.

Oh no, he'll say

I wasn't expecting a surprise

But it's great that you are all here today

So let's get down and jive.

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