Creating 40th Birthday Invitations

You can have fun creating funny 40th birthday invitations to match if you are turning 40 and planning a huge celebration,

Set the scene for the party and make your own 40th birthday party invitations. Why not include a poem; below you will find a free 40th birthday poem that you can copy or it might inspire you to write your own 40th poems.

Making 40th Birthday Party
Invitation Ideas

Ideas to make birthday invitations:

One idea is to create 40th photo birthday invitations. Use a funny photo of the birthday boy or girl. This could be in the form of a baby photo, school photo, teenage photo etc.

On the front of the invitation underneath the photo write "Guess Who's Turning 40?" or "Bet You Can't Guess"

A funny idea for the inside would be to have a list of characteristics about the person such as:

Age: Nearly over the hill
Sex: Female
Status: Happily Married
Appearance: Greying, wrinkles, normal wear and tear etc etc.

Depending on whether the 40th invitation is for you or for a friend, how personal you are is up to you. You certainly don't want to offend anyone.

On the back could be a multiple choice of names. Choose some pop stars, actors or favourite celebrities born in the 60's and amongst them put the name of the birthday boy or girl.

Another idea is to use a picture of an eighties pop star for the front of the invitation.

"Back To The Eighties"

Ask everyone to come dressed in eighties gear and rock the night away.

For an easy 40th birthday invitation use some bright and glitzy scrapbooking paper as a background for the card. Cut out big numbers, 4 and 0 and stick on the front.

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Free 40th Birthday Poems

Oh Oh Oh

Thomas has nearly reached the big Four-Oh

40 years have passed

Oh no, Oh no

Who says he's over the hill at forty

That just isn't true

A new chapter has only just begun

And you're invited to party too!

40th Birthday Sayings And Quotes To Use In 40th Birthday Cards

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