Creating 50th Birthday Cards

Creating special handmade 50th birthday cards for someone you know who has reached the magical age of 50 is a great idea. Make your own birthday cards for those celebrating reaching half a century.

You can make your own birthday cards simply and easily. Below is one of my 50th birthday greeting cards that I made using coloured cardstock and rub on lettering. The lucky recipent was my brother-in-law.

50th birthday cards handmade

To create 50th birthday handmade cards you will need:

Jade card blank 4" x 6" (you can change the size and colour if you wish)
Lilac paper
Gold peel-off stickers of birthday parcels
Black rub-on-lettering
Roller glue stick
Small foam mounting pads
White Mulberry Paper

How To Make Your Own Birthday Cards

1. Measure the size of the folded card. Mine was 10cm x 15cm. (4" x 6").

2. Cut a panel of mulberry paper to shape as in the photo.

3. Carefully peel off the birthday parcels stickers from the backing sheet using a craft knife. Place the stickers in position on the mulberry panel using tweezers. Press down to secure.

4. Using roller glue, lightly glue the back of the mulberry paper and stick firmly onto the jade card.

5. Using rub-on-lettering write the words 50th directly above the mulberry panel.

6. Using rub-on-lettering write the words wishes onto the lilac paper and then cut to shape.

7. Secure the lilac panel to the front of the card using small foam mounting squares in each corner. This will give it a raised appearance.

That's it! A very easy to make milestone birthday card. You can change the colour of the paper accordingly or make the 50 larger if preferred. Play around with colours and scrapbooking embellishments to create different effects.

You can use this design for other birthdays such as a 40th or 60th and so on. Here is a 50th birthday poem to use in handmade cards.

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