Creating Baby Birthday Invitations

Need a cute idea for baby birthday invitations? The invitations are very easy to make and would be suitable for a first birthday or toddler birthday party.

Prince Or Princess First Birthday Invitations

Crown your little prince or princess.

These birthday invitations are suitable for baby boy or girl.

You just need to change the colours!

I have created birthday party invitations with a crown on the front that you can easily make with coloured cardstock and a paper punch.

My invitation is square, but feel free to change the size.

To make these birthday party invitations you will need:

Square card blank in white (11cm x 11cm)
Coloured card for the crown. Pink and wine red for a girl or pale and dark blue for a boy
Gold pen
Fine black pen
Round hole punch
Spray adhesive

1. Handraw a small crown. Alternatively you can search for clipart on the internet. Cut a crown out of pink or light blue card, depending on whether it is for a boy or girl. Draw a very fine line all around inside the crown (1mm from the edge) using a gold pen.

2. Secure the crown firmly onto the front of the card using adhesive.

2. Using a hole punch, punch out holes from the wine red or dark blue card. Secure a circle on top of each point on the crown using adhesive.

3. Using a fine black pen write the following information on the front of the card underneath the crown.

Birthday Prince Alexander

Birthday Princess Emily

4. Inside the card handwrite or print all the party details. Some wording ideas for you:

Kids Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

Our litte Prince is turning


Come and join us for some party fun

Our little Princess is turning


Come celebrate with cupcakes and jelly too

Ist Birthday Invitations Ideas

1st Birthday Invitation Wording

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