Creating Baby Boy Shower Invites Handmade Baby Shower Invitations

Creating baby boy shower invites for your baby shower.

Handmade baby shower invitations that can be made with the minimum of cardmaking materials.

Creating Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

First select some suitable card. It's for a boy right? so blue, yellow, cream, lilac or even bright red are suitable.

Or select scrapbook background paper cut to A5 size.

Using the computer or rub on lettering, create your shower details template. Print onto cream paper and then cut to A6 size. Secure in the centre of your A5 invitation with glue or glue dots.

Decorate with baby boy embellishments. You will find stick on embellishments such as diaper pins, footprints, baby carriages or bottles at your local craft store. Alternatively cut out some shapes yourself from card or felt.

Another easy idea is to glue a small blue button onto the front of a white blank card. Check out your local craft store or your sewing kit. Using a silver or blue pen or a letter stamps, write "Button Up For A Baby Shower" on the invitation.

Make Diaper Pin Baby Shower Invitations

Cut triangle shapes out of felt; fold in the sides to look like a diaper and secure with a diaper pin. Handwrite shower details on a small sheet of paper and tuck inside. My invitation is for a boy but you can change the colours for baby girl shower invitations.

baby shower invitations diaper pin

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