Creating Baby Christening Invitations

Ideas for creating baby christening invitations (baby baptism invitations) for the special day in your baby's life.

Just by selecting coloured card stock and using scrapbook embellishments, christening invitations can be made in no time at all.

Baptism Invitation Wording

First create your invitation wording template on the computer.

Sarah and Thomas Wiech

invite you to witness the baptism of their


Cameron James

Sunday, 27th June 2009


Chalfont St Peter Church

Brunch to follow afterwards

at their home

RSVP 276 892 123

Obviously depending on the size of your invitation, you will need to make your template to fit. For example you may like to make a folded card or a single card which would work out more cost effective.


Draw an outline of a baby sock onto some transparent paper. Glue firmly onto heavy card stock. Cut out, this is your baby sock template.

Choose some baby scrapbook paper or white card. Draw round the template and cut out enough socks for your invitations.

Choose a different paper for the heel and toe of the sock. Cut out to shape and glue firmly on. Decorate the sock with ribbon.

Secure the sock to the front of the card using small foam mounting pads. Finish off the card with matching ribbon.

Alternatively use scrapbook baby embellishments for the front of the card.

Using a small footprint stamp or other baby stamps, stamp out a border around the edge of each card.

Use a cute photo of your baby.

Simply print wording onto plain coloured cardstock for baptism invitations that are simple but elegant.

Baptism Invitation Wording

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