Creative Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Are you in need of baby shower favor ideas to get the baby shower going with a swing? You'll end up with a creative gift that all your guests will love and they won't break the bank either.

Make Your Own Baby Shower Favors

Make your own baby shower favors and hand them out to each guest as they leave. Your favor is your token of thanks that they attended the party. You can make simple baby shower favors that will leave a lasting memory of your special day.

Baby Shower Cookies

Baby Shower cookies are always a favourite and you can easily bake the cookies yourself. Buy baby cookie cutters

in the shape of a heart, or letters to spell out boy or girl or other baby related words such as crib, cry, smile, baby or baby shower. Use your favourite cookie recipe and get baking. Frost your baby shower cookies, wrap them in cellophane, attach ribbon and a handmade favor gift tag.

Baby Shower Craft Ideas

Get crafty and make your own baby shower favor tin, which is a great baby shower craft idea. You will need to collect empty tin cans. Either use very small paint cans or food tins.

Remove any label if possible with hot soapy water. Choose some baby scrapbook background paper and cut to fit the can. Secure with glue. Fill your baby shower favor tin with sweets, small guest soaps or chocolates. Wrap in clear cellophane with attach ribbon and a handmade gift tag.

Make Baby shower Chocolate Lollipops

Another cute baby shower party favor idea!

Just melt some chocolate, pour into chocolate molds, let the chocolate set. Wrap lollipop in cellophane, attach some ribbon and a handmade gift tag. Your guests will love these chocolate baby shower lollipops.

Another idea is to make homemade chocolates or truffles using molds. Wrapped in cellophane, tied with a ribbon, they are a tasty baby shower treat.

Search your local craft store for lollipop and chocolate molds. Alternatively search on-line.

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