Creating Beach Theme Wedding Invitations

Make your own beach theme wedding invitations if you are planning a dream beach wedding. Many couples are choosing a destination wedding nowadays as it is often cheaper than getting married back home.

Getting married on the beach is the in thing right now so having chosen your dream destination, let's get down to creating the invitations!

Make Destination Wedding Invitations

When you make your own destination wedding invitations you can literally go wild with colours associated with the beach. White doesn't really suffice does it. Think hot tropical colours such as hot pink and orange, or jade blue and green. Deep brown and lemon yellow, there are so many options.

Seeing as you are a crafty bride and you want to make beach wedding invitations you really can let your creative juices flow. Beautiful vellum papers featuring oceanscapes are available at many scrapbook stores so why not use them to make an overlay. Or you can print onto the vellum and attach it to the cardstock with brads.

Seashell Invitations

A gorgeous idea would be to attach a seashell or starfish ornament to the front of the invitation. Alternatively make a pocket where you can include a tiny pack of beach sand or something similar for a beach theme wedding.

Very luxurious is to place your invitation in a box, tie with raffia ribbon and attach beach memorabilia.

Another idea is to purchase small clear glass bottles from your local store. Fill the bottles with a little sand. Roll up your invitation and then insert into the bottle. Remember to attach a cord to the invitation so that your guests can remove it easily. Pop the cork back in and voila you have easy wedding invitations.

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