Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

On this page you'll find birthday invitation wording samples if you're stuck for wording ideas. You've already created your birthday invitation now you just need to word that important party invitation.

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Shhhh it's a Surprise Party

Don't tell! John is turning 30

And we are having a birthday bash

He'll wear his best 70's shirty

The aim is, we'll all get lashed

Oh no, he'll say

I wasn't expecting a surprise

But it's great that you are all here today

So let's get down and jive

Shhhh, June is turning 40

and she doesn't want anyone

to know it

But we're planning a suprise party

so please don't blow it




Shhh your lips are sealed!

40th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Oh Oh Oh

Thomas has nearly reached the big Four-O

40 years have passed

Oh no, Oh no

Who says he's over the hill at forty

That just isn't true

A new chapter has only just begun

And you're invited to party too!




Another idea is to include 40th birthday sayings and quoteson the invitation. Go straight here for ideas to make funny 40th birthday invitations.

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Old MacAlexander

is turning one!!

So come join us for

some farming party fun!!



Come dressed in your farming gear to

Farm: 32 Broad Street

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