Bone Folder

Card Craft Tools

No crafter should be without a bone folder It is one of the most versatile card craft tools. Use it to score, crease or smooth card, tissue paper or cardboard. This tool is widely available to purchase on line or at the stationery store.

It is used to put a heavy crease on the folded edge of the paper. It has a pointed tip for scoring and a wide end for smoothing and burnishing.

How To Make Greeting Cards

Here are some instructions on how to use your tool. First score the paper or card first with the tip.

Fold the paper along the crease and gently press flat.

With the tool held perpendicular to the paper, move it away from you along the fold with a slight downward pressure. This will create crisp folded edges in any paper project.

This versatile tool will become your friend when creating your do it yourself cards and invitations.

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