Creating Bowling Party Invitations

You can make bowling party invitations in no time at all for kids and adults. Make bowling birthday party invitations that get a strike!

Bowling Pin Invitations

Make party invitations in the shape of a bowling pin using clip art on the internet or draw the shape freehand. Cut out and make a template out of thick card.

Trace round the template onto thick white card stock. Cut two strips of red paper and glue firmly on the neck of the bowling pin. Or use a red pen to draw the stripes.

Party Invitations Wording

Handwrite all the party details.


Joseph is Four

There's no time to "spare"

We're having a party

And we want you to be there

We're going bowling

It'll be so much fun

Pins, balls and strikes

All rolled into one!

Bowling Ball Invitations

Another easy idea is to make a bowling ball. Draw the shape of a ball and make a template out of thick card. Trace round the template onto black card stock and cut out the bowling balls.

Using a silver pen or white gel pen, draw three holes to resemble the holes at the top. Alternatively you could cut out three small holes from white paper and glue on.

Handwrite all the party details on the back.

Now you have created some striking party invitations, have a striking good time!

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