Bridal Shower Favors To Make Yourself

Ideas for bridal shower favors to make yourself. Don't stress over the favors!

When you are throwing your bridal shower, of course you want everything to be perfect and that includes perfect bridal shower favors.

You can create your bridal shower thank you favor quickly and eaisly with the minimum of fuss.

Buy a selection of cookie cutters that spell the word bride, love, married, or a shape such as a heart. Tie the cookie cutters together with bright wedding ribbon and make your own gift tag.

Bake or buy wedding or bridal shower cookies. Wrap them up yourself in cellophane. Secure with ribbon or raffia and attach a gift tag. You can purchase super bridal shower cookies on line. But if you are a dab hand at baking, bake them yourself and decorate them.

Create a sachet. Make or buy a small envelope and fill with wild flower seeds, lavender, dried herbs or rose petals etc. Buy plain white sticky labels and create your own label. I particularly like envelopes made out of vellum as they are slightly see through. Click on the image below to see a simply stunning example.

Create a tulle bag. Buy netting or organza and cut into squares. Fill with love heart sweets, almonds, mints or chocolate. Another idea is to fill with seashells if yours is a beach themed wedding. Tie with ribbon and attach a gift tag. Alternatively you can buy organza bags ready made.

Buy wedding bubbles. Wrap the bottle in tulle and attach ribbon. Your guests will have fun blowing bubbles at your party.

Wrap a small guest soap in some handmade paper. Tie with raffia or ribbon and attach a gift tag. Soap is always a very useful gift.

Buy very small clay pots. Paint the guests name on the side. Plant a bulb (appropriate for season). Wrap in some clear cellophane, tie with ribbon and attach a gift tag and of course planting instructions.

I hope I have given you some ideas for bridal shower favors to make yourself. Remember, they do not need to be expensive and making your own party favor will keep costs down.

Oh, and one last thing, take a look here for some great

diy favor suppliessuch as favor ribbons, favor boxes, favor labels, favor envelopes and so much more.

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