Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Here you will find sample bridal shower invitation wording. Congratulations are in order! Bridal shower invite wording made easy with my samples you can copy.

What to put on the bridal shower invitations is a valid question and one that gets asked often.

Whether you include a poem or a witty verse is entirely up to you. However, the following information should be included in the bridal shower wording.

Bride's name
RSVP: Name and telephone number and date to RVSP by.

If the bridal shower is following a theme or is a couples bridal shower you need to make sure that guests are aware of this. Also if the bride and groom are using a gift registry service, this also needs to be included.

A bridal shower is the perfect occasion to shower the bride with fabulous gifts, hearfeltt wishes and love. Some popular bridal shower themes are:

Tea Party
Stock up the Kitchen
Wine Tasting
Garden Party
Recipe Party

If a theme has been chosen, you may like to include wedding shower invitation wording along the lines of a poem or a verse to incorporate this.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Wording

Julie and Thomas are tying the knot

We are celebrating in their honour

With a great Pot!

You are cordially invited to a Bridal-Tea

In honour of our sweet Bride-to-be




Please bring a gift

Take a look here on some ideas on making tea party invitationsappropriate for a wedding shower. Also if you are looking for bridal shower favors to make yourselfthen here are some great ideas as well as bridal shower favor supplies.

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