Creating Butterfly Wedding Invitations

"Butterfly wedding invitations for a summer or destination wedding."

A butterfly theme is always a great favourite and my butterfly invites are great for quick and easy do it yourself wedding invitations.

The butterfly theme is so versatile, whatever your wedding colours may be.

I have created wedding invitations with a delicate lavender card stock and white butterfly embellishments from my local craft store. However, using a rubber stamp with white ink will work just as well and would probably be more cost effective for a large quantity of invitations.

You can be even more adventurous and choose fuschia pink or hot orange with white butterflies for a summer or destination wedding.

For a spring wedding, a cool green may be more suitable and for autumn a bright red or chocolate brown. Feel free to experiment with those colours for that extra WOW factor

To Make This Butterfly Wedding Invitation

For each card you'll need:
Lavender card blank 4" x 6" (you can change the size and colour if you wish)
Translucent vellum paper with white wedding words
Spray adhesive
White butterfly embellishment
Small foam mounting pads

butterfly wedding theme invitations

1. First cut a piece of vellum to fit your card. My vellum panel measures 6 cm x 15 cm.

2. Spray the back of the vellum paper with a light spray adhesive and attach firmly to the card.

3. Attach a small mounting pad to each of the butterflies and stick firmy onto the card.

That's it. Very simple, but elegant.

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