Invitation Card Making Supplies
And Materials

I am sure you already have a few necessary card making supplies around your home. We all have paper, scissors, glue and if you have kids, they are bound to have an arts and crafts box that you can raid!

Anyway lets start with a list of some of the card making supplies you will find useful for any of your invitation and card making projects.

Blank Invitation Paper

There there are so many options such as flower pressed paper, chinese paper or the ever popular translucent vellum. Click here for more information on blank invitation paper.

Card Making Cutting Tools

The Right cutting tools are very important for creative card making. If you don't already own one, I would suggest buying a cutting mat. They are normally green with squares for measuring. Make sure you buy one big enough for all your crafty projects. They are long lasting and well worth the investment. I have had mine since my designing days. It's well over 25 years old!

We all have a pair of scissors at home. You may even own a pair that cuts a fancy edge. You know, those pinking shears! Most crafters and designers prefer to use a special craft knife or a scalpel. A bit like those used in operations! I use a scalpel and have a set of replacement blades. You may prefer to use a craft knife.

If you are serious about making your own invitations and cards, a paper trimmer or a guillotine will come in handy. You don't need to go overboard and buy one of those huge things. There are many neat compact guillotines on the market. But owning one is a worthwhile investment and will save you lots of time.

Tapes and Glues

You will definately need glue of some kind for your card making projects. Whether it is UHU, Pritt, double sided tape, a glue pen or stick. There are many types available so use what suits your project. If you are sticking down embellishments, you want to make sure they stay on the card once in the post!

My quickie glue pen comes in handy for very fine craftwork. When I need to stick down some crystal embellishments, it works a treat. It also dries clear! Another useful tool is a low temperature mini hot glue gun for all your invitation and favor projects.

Card Making Embellishments

Card making embellishments are things that add a decorative punch to your invitation or card. Beads, stickers, brads and crystals, for example, can all be glued onto your invitations. There is a wide range of colourful bits and pieces available to brighten and add dimension to your card making project.

I like using Swarovski crystals to add immediate sparkle.
Embellishments are one of my favourite of all the card making supplies available

Decorative Card Making Punch

Decorative punches are so versatile and add immediate effect to any invitation or card. I love using my snowflake punch for christmas cards and it creates stunning effects for a snowflake wedding invitation.

If you are thinking about making your own invitations and cards then these are just some of the basic card making supplies you will need. There are many more of course, one of which you may find useful for scoring and folding card is a paper bone folder.

Card Making Resources

Now you are armed with your card making supplies, take a look here for ideas if you want to make your own wedding invitations or making birth announcements and new born baby cards.

Perhaps you are looking for diy creative wedding favors to make favors yourself.

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