Cheap Wedding Invitations Designs

Hmm, cheap wedding invitations and stationery. However, if you are on a budget one way to cut costs is to make your own wedding invitations. Do it yourself wedding invitations are the in thing right now, so why not join the crowd of brides to be. With my sample wedding invitations designs you're well on your way.

There are hundreds of ways to find wedding invitations, from making them yourself to buying wedding invitation kits. You may have already started shopping around, or looking on the internet. If you've fallen head over heels in love with a particular design, but then worked out they are going to cost well over your budget, think again.

I know I did, and in the end made my wedding invitations. I had a winter wedding and my colour scheme was purple and gold. I created wedding invitations made from purple card with a sprinkling of freeze dried rose petals inside. Simple, stunning and cheap!

Get some more ideas below on how to save on your wedding stationery.

inexpensive wedding invitations

How To Save On Your Wedding Invitations

Save The Date Invitations

Once the date is set, many brides send out "save the date invitations". The invitation announces the date of the wedding and asks the guest to save the date in their diary.

You can cut costs here by telephoning or sending an email. I didn't send out any save the date invitations, but sent out my wedding invitations months in advance.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Go out and buy bridal magazines, look on the internet and scour the shops for inspiration and ideas. And of course I have lots of ideas back on my wedding invitations page.

Wedding RSVP Cards

I didn't enclose any RSVP or acceptance cards with my cheap wedding invitation. I literally included our telephone number and email address on the invitation.

If you are keen to include an RSVP card, then use a postcard size instead of a folded card. If you want to be cheeky let your guests pay for their own postage, so don't include a stamped addressed envelope!

Wedding Table Place Cards

I bought a pack of plain place cards and handwrote all the names in a posh gold pen.

Wedding Seating Plan

You can easily make this yourself rather than having it professionally printed. I produced a plan for each table, drew the table by hand with table number and then stuck on photos of each guest. It was quite funny, as there weren't any names, the guests just had to find the photograph of themselves and some of them were pretty hilarious ones!

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