Creating Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

Kids of all ages love dinosaurs, my son especially. You can make your own dinosaur birthday invitations in no time at all.

A dinosaur birthday party is a lot of fun and exciting to prepare. It is one of the most popular theme based birthday parties for kids.

Dinosaur egg invitations. Cut a piece of card in the shape of a large egg. On one side draw or print a picture of a dinosaur and on the other print all the party details. Your child may like to colour the invitations himself.

Here is my favourite idea. Create a paper mache dinosaur egg. Blow up a balloon so that it resembles a large egg. Make up your paper mache mix and cover the balloon so that there are at least 3-4 layers of paper mache. Make sure to leave a small hole at the top to insert the invitation.

Once the invitation is inserted, close up the hole. You and your child can then paint the dinosaur egg once dry. Alternatively use dinosaur stickers to decorate the egg. Write the words "crack open" on the outside so that the children know to break open the egg to retrieve the invitation. I can assure you they will have great fun cracking open the egg!

If preferred you can write all the party details on the egg itself so that your work of art remains intact.

Another idea is to cover the front of the invitation in dinosaur footprints. Draw these yourself or use clip art from the internet.

Or how about baking some dinosaur cookies, attach a tag and hand deliver.

Have fun making birthday invitations and may the party be a roaring success.

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