Butterfly DIY Wedding Invitations

"Butterfly DIY wedding invitations for your
summer wedding"

I have created simple DIY wedding invitations using a butterfly embellishment positioned on a torn effect pink panel. To finish off my do it yourself wedding invitation I have used peel off lettering. Make your own wedding invitations today in the comfort of your home.

If you are looking for ideas for diy wedding stationery this is a very easy wedding invitation to create yourself. If preferred you can use a butterfly stamp instead of an embellishment. You will find this more cost effective if making a large quantity of invitations.

diy wedding invitations butterfly

How To Make Butterfly Wedding Invitations

For each card you will need.
White card blank 4" x 6" (you can change the size and colour if you wish
Glue stick
White butterfly embellishments
Small foam mounting pads
Pink paper
Peel off gold or silver lettering (wedding words)

1. First cut out a panel from pink paper. Mine measures measures 6 cm x 9 cm. I would suggest making it slightly larger as you then need to carefully tear the shape to create a torn effect round the edge.

2. Glue the back of the pink panel and attach to the invitation.

3. Attach a small mounting pad to the butterflies and stick firmly onto the invitation.

4. Carefully remove the wording from the peel off sheet. I use a cocktail stick or tweezers to do this. Carefully ease the sticker off bit by bit to avoid stretching. Position the sticker centrally underneath the pink panel and press down to secure.

This do it yourself wedding invitation would be perfect for your summer wedding or even a destination wedding. Make wedding invitations to suit your theme. Feel free to change the colour. Bright orange or a jade blue would also be a stunning choice.

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