Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

"Do it yourself wedding invitations with handmade paper"

Many more brides are going in for do it yourself wedding invitations. With the cost of weddings on the rise, it is a sensible option. Make your own wedding invitations and keep costs down.

You can make make your own wedding invitations in no time at all using card stock, handmade paper and some simple embellishments.

I have used Mulberry paper for my DIY wedding invitations which is a textured paper with strands of fibre embedded throughout. It tears, when wet, giving an attractive feathered edge. Mulberry paper is available in a variety of colours.

do it yourself wedding invitations

How To Make DIY Wedding Invitations

White card blank 4" x 6" (you can change the size if you wish)
Pink paper
Gold peel-off sticker of a wedding cake
Roller glue stick
Small foam mounting pads
White Mulberry Paper

1. Measure the size of the folded card. Mine was 10cm x 15cm.

2. Cut a piece of mulberry paper to shape, mine was 7cm x 9cm.

3. Carefully peel off the wedding cake sticker from the backing sheet using a craft knife. Place the sticker in position using tweezers. Press down to secure.

4. Using roller glue, lightly glue the back of the mulberry paper and stick firmly onto pink paper. Trim to shape to leave pink edging of 2mm.

5. Secure the mulberry panel to the front of the card using small foam mounting squares in each corner. This will give it a raised appearance.

I have used pink paper, but please feel free to change the background colour accordingly.

If desired add an invitation sticker to your card under the cake panel.

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