Creating Farm Animal Baby Invitations

Make memorable farm animal baby invitations with Old MacDonald Had a Farm Party Theme.

All kids love animals, I know mine do. A farm party theme is a favourite amongst babies, toddlers and small children. You can create some cute farm birthday invitations with the moo moo here and a quack quack there theme.

Farm Birthday Party Invitations

Choose white card stock. Either use a die cut machine or paper punchers and cut out some ducks, pigs, cows, horses and other favourites. Alternatively use stickers or rub ons. Using a bright pen write all the party information on the reverse side. Make or buy envelopes and stick them down with an animal sticker. This is something the children can get involved in. My children love helping with the invites.

Decorate a balloon and use as an invitation.

Blow up a pink balloon for example to decorate as a pig. Cut out some pig shaped ears and attach to the top. Cut out a pig nose and a curly tail. Attach to the balloon. Colour in some eyes and a mouth. On the reverse side write all the party details. Tie some ribbon and hand deliver. You could also use these decorated farm animal balloons at the party itself.

Another idea is to buy some cookie cutters in the shape of pigs, cows, sheep, horses, ducks etc. Bake some cookies and frost them. Attach a tag with all the party details.

Cut out some cloud shapes from blue or white card. Using stamps or stencils, cut out letters to read the words Moo, Baa, Oink etc and stick onto the cloud. Write all the party details on the back.

Make a Mask Invite

For memorable, fun invitations, send out construction-paper masks with party details written on the back (cut out an oval shape and turn it into a pig, bear, or other animal). Cut out features from construction paper and glue on. Cut out eye holes, punch holes at sides and tie on ribbons.

Join Farmer (childs name) For A Party Down On The Farm.

Old MacAlexander

is turning one!!

So come join us for

some farming party fun!!



Come dressing in your farming gear to

Farm: 32 Broad Street

If you really don't feel up to making farm animal baby invitations yourself, then I have found some cute ones for you. They are reasonably priced too!

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