Make Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween party invitations in no time at all. If Halloween is only a few weeks away you need to get cracking, make your kids or adult Halloween invitations and send them out.

Get the kids involved too. Mine love cutting shapes out, sticking and adding glitter to just about anything.

You can also use the Halloween theme for baby showers, for a birthday party in October, surprise party etc etc.

I don't know about you but I always associate orange and black with Halloween. So for some easy invitation ideas:

Buy orange construction paper. Find some clip art on the internet of pumpkins, black cats and and ghosts. Cut them out and stick them on. Handwrite all the party information on the card in a black or silver pen. Give your Halloween party a unique name such as "Halloween Costume Bash", "Halloween Spook-tacular" or "A Ghostly Affair". Pop the invitations in a black envelope and attach a dangling spider on the envelope.

Another idea is to purchase some small pumpkins. Handrwite the party information on the pumpkin using a permanent marker. Alternatively write all the details on a small tag. Attach to the pumpkin and hand deliver. Leave them on the front porch of your guests with some other Halloween goodies.

The main thing is to keep the invitation simple, that way not too much work is involved. Don't forget to tell your guests about the specifics, such as appropriate costumes to wear, what will be provided, if they need to bring anything, time, date and place of the party.

Halloween Party Invitation Wording

Depending on whether you are creating kids Halloween party invitations or for adults, below is some sample wording:

Please join us

for Alexander's 7th Birthday

We're having a Spooky

Halloween Party

And it's gonna be fun!




Wear your spooky costume!



Halloween is in the air

Spooky things are everywhere!

Don't be scared

It'll be creepy alright

Come to our party for frights all night!

Halloween Spook-tacular




Boo or Boo Hoo by:

Wear your best costume!

Trick or Treat

Join us for a frightfully

good time

at our

Halloween Bash

Saturday 31st October 2009

8.p.m till Midnight

The Wiech Residence

23 Sleepy Hollow Lane


And if you really have left it too late to make your own Halloween invitations, I have found a great site where you can purchase them.

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