Creating Happy Valentines Day Cards

Make special happy valentines day cards for your love or those who are close to your heart. Your loved one or secret admirer will treasure your handmade valentine card.

Valentines Cards From Your Heart

Buy red cardstock or a blank basic card and envelope. Cut out some lettering from a newspaper to spell out BE MINE and paste on the front of the card.

Cut a heart out of cardstock such as flower seed paper. Secure your heart to the front of the card.

Buy heart scrapbook embellishments and secure these to a plain card.

Find clipart of a bee and stick to the front of a plain card. Write Bee My Valentine or I'm buzzing for your Love

If your card is for a secret admirer, find a suitable baby photo of yourself. Cut the photo into a heart shape and secure to the front of the card. Write BABY BE MINE Your secret admirer will have fun guessing who sent the card.

Have fun!

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