Homemade Wedding Favors

Make Wedding Rose Petal Cone

Create beautiful homemade wedding favors with creative paper and homegrown fragrant rose petals. Make your own wedding rose petal cone favors.

To Make A Petal Cone Favor

Petal cone favors are a truly wonderful idea and so easy to make yourself. Your guests will be delighted when receiving your handmade wedding favors filled with a fluttering of rose petals. Of course your cones can be filled with lavender, candy or sugar almonds if preferred.

If your wedding is during the summer months, then grow your own roses. If using fresh petals, make the cones and place the petals in the cones just before use.

Alternatively you can buy freeze dried rose petals on the internet or from reputable florists.

To make your own petal favor cones you will need:

decorative paper (8 1/2" x 11")
Double-sided tape
Clear rubber stamp of your choice
Gold stamping ink
Your chosen cone filling

If desired print an image on the paper using your clear stamp and gold ink. Leave to dry.

Alternatively you can leave the cone blank and use translucent vellum or flower pressed paper for a truly stunning effect.

Place a strip of double sided tape down one side and then roll the paper to form a cone. Press the side lightly to seal the tape.

Fill the cone with your choice of rose petals, lavender or candy.

Fold the top flaps over or leave open.

Place all the finished cones in a basket ready to hand out to your guests.

diy wedding petal cone

Tips On Removing Rose Petals


It is very easy to remove the petals from the rose head. Cut the rose head from the stem. Hold the rose carefully in your left hand and then cup the head with your right hand and carefully pull at the petals to remove them. You will find that all the petals will come off together without any damage to the petals.

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