How To Make Birth Announcements

"Using peel-off stickers to create a simple cute
birth announcement"

How to make birth announcements using peel-off stickers. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. They are easy to use and very reasonably priced so you can make your own birth announcements that are cost effective and stylish.

For my birth announcement I have used a gold peel-off sticker of a clothes line. But you can choose from prams, trains, bottles, rattles or baby feet.

To make this birth announcement you will need:

Card blank 4" x 6". I used white card stock
Pink paper for a girl or blue for a boy
Peel-off sticker, gold clothers line or one of your choice
Foam adhesive or foam squares
Rub-on lettering

how to make birth announcements for a girl

Make Your Own Birth Announcements

1. Measure the size of the folded card. Mine was 10cm x 15cm.

2. Peel off a corner of the sticker from the sheet very carefully using the tip of your craft knife. Carefully position the sticker, using tweezers, on the front of the card.

3. Press down firmly to secure.

4. Use rub-on lettering in black to create words cute, sweet and baby. I rubbed the lettering onto pink paper for a girl, but you can use whichever colour you wish.

5. Cut the words to size. Mine were 4cm x 1 1/2cm.

6. Using small squares of foam adhesive or small mounting squares, attach the wording to the front of the card. This will give the words a raised profile.

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