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Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

If you need inspiration and advice on how to make wedding favors, below you will find lots of cheap wedding favor ideas for the crafty bride. With a little creativity and my how to make wedding favors ideas you can create favors that your guests will love. From traditional to modern, there are lots of ideas to fit any budget.

Themes are becoming a popular trend for weddings and receptions. A themed wedding can be highlighted by unique wedding favors and bridal party gifts, as well as beautiful wedding decorations and party supplies. Making your own favors is your way of making your wedding day an even more memorable, one-of-a-kind celebration.

First it is advisable to think carefully about what type of wedding favor you would like to give your guests. Also how much money you would like to spend. Costs can and do mount up. It is surprising how many brides nowadays make their own favors over commercial ones. As long as you keep the design simple you can create a favor that looks shop bought.

It is always worthwhile looking on the internet to see what is available for you to purchase for your how to make wedding favors project. Such as small empty favor tins, organza bags, handmade paper, bottles, chocolates and candy etc.

Here are some exclusive favors from Beau-Coup They have gorgeous favor boxes that you can purchase and fill with your own candy, chocolates or rose petals.

A traditional favor is usually made up of sweets in a box or a bag. Or you may like to fill your favor boxes with chocolate, candy or even rose petals.

Alternatively buy sweets already packaged. for a great diy wedding favor idea and cost effective too.

Another cheap wedding favor idea is to create a seed packet wedding favor. These are in trend right now and so easy to make yourself. If you shop around for some handmade paper such as pressed flower paper or clear glassine envelopes you can make your own cheap seed packet wedding favors.

A cracking idea is to make your own wedding crackers. Everybody loves crackers don't they? They are such fun. If you are interested in cracker wedding favors to make yourself, then start saving your toilet roll tubes now! Making crackers is a project that the whole family can get involved in. You can fill your crackers with chocolates, candy, wildflower seeds, confetti or just about anything you can think of. Here are some ideas on creating wedding cracker favors.

If you would like to give something sweet smelling then why not create a petal cone. Imagine your guests surprise and delight upon receiving a petal cone filled with fragrant rose petals.

CD wedding favors are all the rage right now. A wedding CD is a classic and popular favor to give to your guests. You could compile a collection of your favourite songs or digital photos or a combination of both. When selecting the music, make sure you choose an appropriate mixture. Grandma may not be into heavy metal!!

There are many ways in which you could package your CD wedding favors. You could make a plain envelope yourself and decorate it by stamping, using decorative paper punches and tie with ribbon.Alternatively you could purchase a CD Tin which are normally made of metal with a liner inside to protect the CD. Personalise your CD tins with a custom designer labels and ribbon for a finishing touch.

Wedding Favor Ideas

Purchase envelopes and fill with lavender, rose petals or a CD. CD wedding favors are popular now and presenting them in one of these eco friendly envelopes is the perfect idea.

Now you have some ideas on how to make wedding favors that will save you time and money.

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