Make Invitation Maps

DIY Direction Cards

invitation maps or direction cards even more so if the location is not so familiar to your guests. If you have a lot of out of town guests coming to your wedding or party, then providing them with directions and maps are not only a thoughtful gesture but necessary to prevent your guests from getting lost.

You can purchase maps from your local store or printer or you can make them yourself. Don't include just a photocopy, preferable would be to print the map on the same or similar paper to your invitation.

If you are artistic have a go at drawing a very simple map yourself. Using a map of the area as a guide, enlarge it on the photocopier and trace over the major roads and important location points. (Use a black pen with a suitable nib thickness.) This is now your map template.

Now you have your map template you can then photocopy this onto your invitation paper. If necessary include some written instructions at the bottom. If you have nice handwriting, then it is perfectly OK to handwrite this information.

You can also include some party embellishments on the map such as a church, baby pacifier, skull and crossbones etc which will locate the point of the party.

Some tips to bear in mind are:

Include separate enclosures with directions, accommodation or flight information.

Check that the driving route is accurate and that all landmark details are current.

Arrange for extras available at the ceremony or party site. Some guests may not remember to bring their map or direction card.

Design your maps or direction cards to compliment the rest of your stationery.

Include the phone number of your wedding or party location.

For those guests travelling a long way a nice gesture would be to create a gift bag. You could include a welcome note, a schedule of wedding or party events and activities. A list of places of interest and perhaps a souvenir unique to the area.

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