Make Kid Birthday Party Invitations
Pop Up Invitations

Kid birthday party invitations are special as they set the scene for your kids birthday party.

Kids birthday parties are always a special moment in a childs life. I know my two sons are just as excited about being invited to a friends party as they are about hosting their own birthday party.

You can make it special by making your own pop up kids birthday invitations.

Childrens Birthday Invitations

To make a pop-up birthday party invitation, you will need some coloured card. Or buy basic blank cards with matching envelopes. A ruler, cutting mat, craft knife, glue, a photo of your child.

Make or buy the card to your preferred size. If making yourself, score the card in the middle using a bone folder or scoring instrument. This is to ensure that you get a perfect crease. Place the card on the cutting mat and cut two long slits diagonally to the fold. (Imagine you are cutting the top and bottom sides of a square in the middle of the card, leaving the two sides uncut. You then need to fold this piece inwards so that it pops up from the card.

You can then glue your childs photo onto the pop up part of the card. Alternatively your child might like to draw an appropriate picture such as a large letter depicting his or her age for example.

On the front handwrite birthday invitation or use rub on lettering.

Make Party Cracker Invitation

Crackers are always fun and a delightful idea for kid birthday party invitations.

To make cracker invitations, you will need, toilet paper rolls, scissors, double sided tape, tissue paper, patterned or plain paper, ribbons and small presents.

Cut the paper into (30 x 30cm) squares. Place the toilet roll in the middle of the paper and roll in the paper. Securing with double sided tape. Fill the cracker with the presents, confetti or glitter etc, not forgetting the party details. Tie both ends with ribbon. If the birthday party is following a theme, an idea is to glue a sticker depicting the theme on the outside. To personalise hand write each guests name in gold pen.

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