How To Make Kids Party Favors

Childrens Party Favors

Don't forget the kids party favors after you've created the perfect birthday invitation. Below you will find easy party favors ideas.

You can either buy these or make them yourself. Childrens party favors are an important part of the party and nowadays are expected.

I know in Germany, where I live, kids party favors are also coming into fashion in a big way. Whereas in England, where I come from, they have been around for years.

I remember a few years ago when my son had his first birthday and party bags were handed out at the end. Many of my German friends had not heard of this tradition, and were delighted that their little one received such a token. Now of course, they all have party bags ready at the end for the little guests.

You can make the loot or party bags yourself. Depending on the theme of the party below are some ideas for how to make party favors.

Make Party Favors Ideas

Using some small brown bags or lunch box bags.

Make Racing Car Party Favors

Decorate the front with a traffic light. Cut out some circles from red, orange and green card stock and stick to the front of the bag. After adding the party favors, fold over the top, punch two holes using a hole punch and thread through some ribbon.

Make Dog Party Favors

Decorate the front with paw prints. You can either use clip art from the computer or draw a template yourself.

Make Farm Animal Party Favors

Decorate the luchbag with some cow prints, duck prints etc. Place favors inside such as small plastic animals, farm and animal stickers and animal tattoos. Fold over the top, punch some holds and thread through some raffia.

Make Pirate Party Favors

Make your own treasure chest out of a box. Paint and decorate it. Use recycled diaper wipes boxes and spray paint gold. You can let the kids decorate them with stick-on embellishments, pirate stickers, etc. Then fill these mini treasure chests with the pirate birthday party favors. Fill them with, candy necklaces, skull pops, golden chocolate coins, a compass, tattoos, small telescopes, skull key chains, skull pencils and other pirate things.

Make Princess Party Favors

Decorate the party bag with a crown and add favors such as bracelets, jewellery, hair clips, ring-pops, magical wands, body glitter, princess stickers, stick-on earrings etc.

You can give out favors to children of any age. However, please remember that the items need to be appropriate for the child's age.

Hand out the party favors at the end of the party, as each guest leaves. Make sure they're marked with the children's names. Also make sure the favor bags are identical so as not to cause arguments. Another idea is to place all the favor bags in a big box and use the "grab bag" method.

Have fun with my kids party favors ideas.

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