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Ladybug Birthday Party


Make your own enchanting ladybug party invitations for an enchanting ladybug birthday party.

Every child loves bugs don't they? especially ladybugs.

In fact they are beetles. Remember the rhyme. "Ladybug, Ladybug fly away home, your house is on fire and your children are gone". We used to chant this as kids if a ladybug happened to land on us and gently blow the ladybug away.

My kids are definitely enchanted by ladybugs and I love them too as they eat all my garden pests!

If you are looking for the perfect party invitation for a little lady? Make an easy invite that is as cute as a bug! Your children will love helping with this cute ladybug crafts idea.

1. Cut two same-size ovals from red and black card stock.

2. Colour some black spots onto the red oval. This oval shape will be the ladybug wings.

3. Write all the party information on the other oval using a silver marker pen.

4. Cut the ladybug wings oval in half lengthwise to simulate wings. Lay the two wings on top of the party information oval with the black spots facing up.

5. Punch a single hole at the top of both pieces. Insert a brad to attach the pieces. Place your ladybug invitation in a red envelope decorated with black spots. Give or send it to your party guests.

Alternatively take some plain white card stock and decorate with some ladybug embellishments.

I bought a pack of 8 embellishments, very reasonably priced, at my local craft store.

Cut out a leaf shape from green card stock. Stick the leaf onto the centre of the card. Then place a ladybug embellishment on the centre of the leaf using a small sticky mounting pad. This gives the ladybug a raised effect.

Handwrite all the party details on the back.

Ladybug Facts

Ladybug facts Farmers love ladybugs because of their amazing appetites. By the end of a 3- to 6-week lifespan, a ladybug may eat up to 5,000 aphids!

In Europe they are called ladybirds and scientists prefer to call them ladybeetles.

A ladybug's bright colours warn predators to stay away and guess what you can't tell a ladybug's age by counting its spots. However, you can sometimes tell its species by taking note of the number and position of the spots.

Ladybug's can live up to a year if left to live in the wild. Some species can live up to 2-3 years.

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