Make Christmas Cards Ideas

If you are stuck for ideas to make Christmas cards, then below are simple ideas for homemade Christmas cards.

Give your loved ones unique special cards created by you this christmas.

Ideas For Making Christmas Cards

Gold Star Garlands Christmas Card

Rows of twinkling gold stars on a cream or white background make an elegant card. This style is very easy to create. Choose different-sized, self-adhesive gold stars and fine card stock. Starting in the centre, stick a large star and work out towards the sides with smaller ones to create a looped pattern. Continue with loops on either side to suggest a garland.

Make Simple Leaves Christmas Card

Make christmas cards using ivy. Ivy is a traditional christmas motif and you can use the tiniest of real ivy leaves to make unusual cards. Cut out small squares of foamboard and glue leaves on to them. Make up designs by sticking single squares or groups of three on plain white cards.

Making Bauble Delights Christmas Card

Clever, but simple, you can create christmas tree designs with sticky dots found in most stationers. Colour in sheets of dots using a felt tip pen then stick onto card in a triangular pattern adding the occasional dot in a contrasting colour or a gold star. Top each tree with a stick on gold star.

Tiny Christmas Trees Card

The beauty of these appealing tree designs is that it's as easy to make 20 as it is to make one. Colour large white stickers green using a felt tip pen, then cut into strips about 3cm wide. Create lots of tall triangles by cutting a zigzag pattern. Stick onto card, then use a gold pen to add a stem, lights and a tiny star on top.

Snowy Scene Christmas Card

Make sweet snowfall cards by gluing on plain or shaped sequins or metal confetti. Write 'Let it Snow' at the bottom in silver. You never know, if might come true.

Kids Potato Printing Christmas Card

Children love printing and sticking, so get them involved as well. One example is to potato print a card. Cut a shape such as a christmas tree out of a potato and let the children print onto some bright festive card and then finish off with some glitter and stars.

Older children may like to use stencils. You can easily make your own stencil out of a piece of paper or thick card.

Snowmen Christmas Card

Snowmen created out of scrunched up tisse paper or cotton wool look especially pretty. Decorate with festive hats and buttons.

Using Creative Paper For Christmas Cards

Triangles cut out of crepe paper can be transformed into a christmas tree. Finish off by decorating with some aluminium foil or sweet wrappers.

Origami paper can also be cut into festive shapes, perhaps stockings, crowns or christmas presents and then stuck onto some light coloured card.

Using Material For Christmas Cards

If you have any spare scraps of material at home you can cut out some festive shapes such as holly, trees, stars, crown or a nice bright stocking and glue one of your shapes onto some card. It doesn't matter if the material is not christmas orientated, you can add glitter and ribbons to jazz it up.

Photo Christmas Cards

For special friends you could find an appropriate photo from your album and make your own photo christmas cards. Choose a photo that has a special meaning behind it and dress up the photo card with angel wings for example or a festive hat.

I hope you have fun with my ideas when you make christmas cards this year.

Here you will find a selection of Christmas card versesfor your homemade Christmas cards.

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