Make Greeting Cards and Seasonal Holiday Cards

Learn how to make greeting cards that you can send to family and friends. Easy, you can make seasonal holiday cards with the most simple materials and techniques.

Making your own greeting cards is fast becoming a popular hobby. And now wonder. If you are like me and send out numerous quantities per year to friends and family, it is worthwhile to make your own greeting cards.

Not only is it fun, but your friends and loved ones will be overjoyed to receive a handmade greeting card created by you.

There are many occasions for when it is appropriate to send a card. anniversary, father's day, mother's day, easter, christening, sympathy, valentine and christmas. The numbers mount up don't they?

Commercial shop bought ones tend to be very expensive, so why not make your own. Not only will you have fun with scrapbook paper and embellishments, you will also save money.

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