Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Yes, you can make your own christmas cards this year!

The number of commercial shop bought christmas cards is growing each year. However, it is so much nicer to make cards yourself and your family and friends will treasure your handmade christmas cards instead of throwing them in the bin once christmas is over.

If you are thinking of making your own cards, remember to start early as you need to allow some time, depending on how complicated your designs are.

First have a look round your house. I bet you have most things required to make christmas cards. Card, envelopes, glitter, potatoes for stamping, glue, festive paper, ribbons etc.

Save some time and money with my clever tips:

Large stationers sell blank cards that are already cut and folded. These are great if you are short on time. If your budget is limited, cut a template out of thick card and use this to cut and fold sheets of thin card.

Buy your envelopes first and make your cards to fit.

Get organised if you are making a lot of cards. Do all the cutting out at once, then all the decorating. Treat it like a mini production line.

You can also design cards that are quick to make. Use stickers in simple christmas motifs. Keep an eye out in toy shops and stationers for unusual stickers to add a special touch to gifts too.

Another idea is to include recipe cards for Homemade Christmas Giftssuch as truffles, shortbread or candy.

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