How To Make Your Own Envelopes

There are many reasons for learning how to make your own envelopes.

You've finished creating your beautiful wedding invitation or greetings card, the only item you need is an envelope. Your card may be an odd shape and a shop bought size is not available.

You may want to colour coordinate with your handmade card.

You want to produce a special envelope for a gift voucher as a present.

Make Wedding Invitation Envelopes
And Party Envelopes

Some items that you will need to make your own:

an envelope to be used as a template
scissors or a craft knife
patterned or plain invitation paperpencil

If you don't want to buy an envelope template, then the easiest thing to do is use an envelope you have. Carefully prise the envelope apart, lay it over your chosen paper and then carefully trace around it. Cut it out and stick together with permanent glue. You can seal the envelope with glue or with a handmade sticker.

Don't stop at a paper envelope. You can also make envelopes out of material to use for presents. If you are thinking of buying a gift voucher for someone special, what nicer way to wrap it than with beautiful material decorated with a ribbon.

If your handmade card is plain, why not use some glitzy paper for the envelope. I have also made envelopes out of pages from my favourite magazine. Stick a plain sticky label on the front, handwrite the address and post it. Your recipients will be amazed by your creativity.

If you intend posting out lots of cards, make sure you inform yourself first on postage costs. It is simply not worth creating an odd sized envelope then to find out it costs a fortune to post it.

Have fun creating your own envelopes, be sure that you will never buy another again.

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