How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Make your own wedding invitations, cut the costs and create your own invitations at a fraction of the price.

Everyone knows that the average costs for a wedding are rising every year so to cut those costs and make your wedding affordable it makes sense to think about do it yourself wedding invitations.

When I got married I also decided to make my own wedding invitations. I used purple cardstock to match my dress. I handwrote the lettering on the front using a gold pen and printed the inside using our home printer. I placed freeze dried rose petals inside the invitation and popped them in the post.

A simple wedding invitation that received many positive comments and my guests were delighted with their rose petals.

Of course, there are many companies offering inexpensive wedding invitations, but, they may still be out of your budget.

I have made it easy for you. I have come up with ideas and designs for you to make your own wedding invitations. Click on the links below to be inspired. Whether you are looking for a snowflake wedding or a Las Vegas theme, take a look.

All the designs are easy to make and many have step by step instructions.

You can go here for further tips and more fun wedding invitation ideas.

how to make your own wedding invitations

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