Making Gift Tags For Christmas, Birthday And Other Occasions
Homemade Gift Tags

Making gift tags is so easy, you need never buy a shop bought one again.

Gift tags are for christmas, birthday, valentines, baby, wedding, get well and for many other occasions. Whenever a present is involved then so is a gift tag!

You can make homemade gift tags using a variety of techniques such as embossing, stencilling, stamping or simply using a paper puncher.

Your recipient will be delighted to receive a personalised gift tag created by you.

If you look around your home you are bound to have some plain card, paper or wrapping paper. Also take a look in your garden, most of us have holly, berries, leaves, or other interesting items that can be used to create a 3 dimensional gift tag. For example take a holly leaf and spray it silver or gold and then stick onto a plain gift tag.

Christmas Gift Tags

For a very simple, but effective tag. Use brown tags found in your stationery store. Draw or cut out a christmas motif such as holly, a tree or a star from some festive paper or felt and stick one of the motifs onto the label. Write your recipients name in silver or gold pen.

Use your

decorative paper puncherto punch out christmas motifs.

Why not make some edible gift tags. Use your favourite cookie recipe and cut out heart or christmas shapes. Make sure you punch a hole in the top before baking. Using ready made icing, pipe your recipients name on the cookie and tie with some festive ribbon and secure to the gift.

Have fun with my gift tag ideas

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