Creating New Born Baby Cards

It's so exciting for the parents to receive new born baby cards. Sending cute, handmade new baby greeting cards is your special way of sending your personal congratulations to the proud parents.

Of course, you could just go out and buy baby greeting cards, but if you are already into scrapbooking and paper card making, you are sure to have all the necessary materials at home.

I have made a cute baby card for a baby girl using some baby scrapbooking background paper, a baby embellishment and some swarovski crystals. Feel free to change the colours for a baby boy.

Handmade Baby Greeting Cards

To create a cute card for a new born girl you will need:

White card blank 10cm x 15cm (you can change the size and colour if you wish)
Baby scrapbooking paper of your choice
Pink paper
Glue Stick
Baby embellishment
Swarovski crystals
Small foam mounting pads
Quickie glue pen

handmade baby cards

Make Baby Cards

1. First cut out a panel from your baby scrapbook paper. Mine measures 10cm x 4 1/2cm. Lightly glue the back of the paper and fix in the centre of the card.

2. Cut out a small panel of pink paper. Attach a small mounting pad to each corner and fix in the centre of the card. Place your baby embellishment in the middle of the pink square. I have used a teddy bear with the words baby. But there are many options available such as a baby bottle, dummy (pacifier) or a diaper (nappy).

3. Using your quickie glue pen, place a dot just outside of each corner of the pink card. Then fix on a swarovski crystal.

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