Creating Pajama Party Invitations
Slumber Party Invitations

Who will be able to resist your pajama party invitations.

Every child loves a pajama party where the intention is not to get any sleep at all and gossip well into the night. Watching late night movies and eating popcorn and snacks is what a great slumber party is all about.

Making your own slumber party invitations is a fun craft project for yourself and the birthday child to enjoy.

Make Your Own Pajama Bottoms Invitations

The most easiest option is to take some plain card stock and cut to the size required using a paper cutter.

Either buy or make your own envelopes to match. Search for some appropriate clip art on the internet for some pajama bottoms. If you are artistic draw them yourself. Print the image onto some scrapbooking background paper and cut out the shape. Stick the pajama image onto the front of the pajama party invitations.

A cute idea is to punch two holes at the top center of your invitation so the holes go through the front of the pajamas. Tie a ribbon through the holes and make into a bow.

Handwrite the words Pajama Party on the front of the invitation.

Finally, print out the party information on a separate sheet of paper. Cut to size and glue to the inside of the invitation or the back if making a postcard invitation. Make sure you instruct the guests to come in their pajamas or bring them with them. Perhaps bring a sleeping bag and a pillow if required and their favorite stuffed animal.

Sleeping Bag and Toothbrush Invitations

Another idea is to cut out a shape that resembles a sleeping bag.

Print all the party details onto a separate piece of paper and stick onto the reverse of the sleeping bag.

How about printing all the party details on a tag, punch a hole, tie through some ribbon and tie to a toothbrush. This would make quirky invitation. Don't forget to ask the party guests to bring the toothbrush with them.

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