Pirate Party Invitation Ideas

So you need to create a swashbuckling pirate party invitation for your childs fun pirate party. Don't despair you can make kids party invitations for your cool pirate in no time at all.

Pirate Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

How about making a pirate treasure map invitation. Great fun for a pirate party. You can either print this on brown paper or you can stain the paper with tea. I am sure you remember doing this at school! Burn the edges of the paper carefully to create an old torn effect. You can write the text (handwritten or using your computer) in pirate language using phrases such as such as Ahoy There Matey!

Another idea is to put the pirate invitations in a clear bottle. Tie the invitation with ribbon so it can be removed easily. If glass bottles are too dangerous, think about using plastic. Add some glittery sand for special effect.

Create pirate birthday party invitations in the form of a pirate flag. Draw or print a skull and crossbones on one side of a rectangular piece of paper or material and then print the text on the other.

Use pirate stickers and embellishments to decorate a plain invitation or simply create a scroll tied with ribbon.

Remember if you are not very good at drawing free hand, you can look for some pirate clip art images on the internet. Find an image of a pirate and place a photograph of your childs head on the body. Write something along the lines of:

Party Invitations Wording For A Pirate!

Ahoy Matey!

join us on the high seas

for Cap'n Jim's 6th Birthday Adventure

We'll set sail on ......


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