Creating Princess Party Invitation
Make Your Own Birthday Invitations

Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess and she needed a princess party invitation......

Don't despair you can make princess invitations for a royal birthday party in no time at all. The princess birthday party theme is very popular as all girls dream of being a princess.

Your daughter will be able to help you with any colouring, sticking and cutting out etc.

Princess Invitations Ideas

Make princess party invitations that are simple and you can't go wrong. First think about your colours, pink, white, gold, silver, white or cream are all princess colours that spring to mind.

Cut out a crown from gold card stock and decorate with jewel embellishments. Write the words Princess (name of child) on one side and all the party details on the other.

Produce a princess scroll invitation, roll it up and tie with gold ribbon or with a wax seal. You can begin with princess party wording such as

Her Royal Highness

Princess (name of child)

is having a royal to do

at Castle (your address)

RSVP to King and Queen (your surname)

Put your scroll in a cardboard tube and seal the ends. Fill with fairy stars and glitter confetti.

Another idea is to attach a hand written tag with all the party details to a small gold crown, glass slipper, wand or any other princess embellishment. Hand deliver your princess invitations.

Have an enchanting princess birthday party and have fun creating invitations.

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