Seed Packet Wedding Favor
Make Cheap Seed Packets Yourself!

Making a seed packet wedding favor is very easy and your guests will be delighted with your choice. Not only is it a cheap wedding favor idea, but one which will create a lasting memory of your wedding. Your guests can plant your seeds and grow beautiful flowers in their garden and be constantly reminded of your special day.

A seed packet wedding favor is especially suitable for a spring or summer wedding. An easy option is to buy some suitable paper to match your wedding theme and make your own seed packet envelope. Alternatively, you can buy some glassine clear envelopes and fill with wildflower seeds. You can choose flower seeds to match your wedding colour scheme or choose seeds such as forget-me-knot or lavender for example. Either handwrite on the envelope or buy some plain sticky labels and create your own. Decorate the envelope with some matching ribbon. If you are poetic, think about including a poem on the back of the envelope.

You don't just have to use flower seeds. Depending on your theme, you many choose to use vegetable or fruit which would be more appropriate for a fall wedding.

Another ideas is to use some organza favor bags which are readily available to buy or if you are a dab hand with a sewing machine, you could make these yourself. An even cheaper option is to use tissue paper or cellophane. Attach a handmade tag and tie with ribbon.

Another alternative is to buy individual bulbs for your guests, wrap them in cellophane and tie with ribbon to match your wedding colours. Your guests will enjoy planting their bulbs in the garden and watching them grow.

Whatever you choose, have fun creating your wedding favors and don't forget to include planting instructions.

Your guests will surely adore this love note from Beau Coup. Plant it and watch it grow. A perfect favor idea or as a thank you for your guests.

DIY Favor Supplies

Take a look here for diy favor supplies such as envelopes, boxes and ribbonsfor your wedding favor project. Another idea is to make your own wedding petal coneor purchase a selection of sweets and make sweet wedding favors - another great diy wedding favor idea.

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