Creating Simple Wedding Invitations

"Wedding invitations that are simple, but stylish!"

These simple wedding invitations are easy to make and eye catching too. Simply choose the colour of the mulberry paper to match your dress or flowers, however, on this occasion I have chosen white for my homemade wedding invitations.

To make wedding invitations you will need:

White card blank 4" x 6" (you can change the size if you wish)
Gold paper
Gold peel-off sticker of two interlocking rings
Roller glue stick
Small foam mounting pads
White Mulberry Paper

simple wedding invitations

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

1. First you need to make a "topper" for the front of the wedding invitation. Cut out a square from gold paper measuring 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 cm.

2. Now you need to make the feathered square of mulberry paper. With a wet paint brush mark out a square which is 6 x 6 cm. Once the water has soaked in, carefully tear the paper along the wet lines, gently teasing it apart, which gives the feathered edge to your square.

3. When the square of mulberry paper is dry, use a glue stick to lightly glue one side of the square. Be careful as the mulberry paper is quite thin and fragile and can crease or tear easily. Stick down centrally onto the gold square.

4. Carefully take a pair of interlocking rings off the peel off sheet. I use a cocktail stick or tweezers to do this. Carefully ease the sticker off bit by bit to avoid stretching. Position the sticker centrally onto the centre of the mulberry square and press down to secure.

5. Turn the topper over. Place a mini mounting pad in each corner of the square. Remove the backing paper from each one and stick the finished topper onto the card blank.

6. If you wish you can use peel off wedding wordings for the front of the card. I have left mine blank.

Have fun making your simple wedding invitations.

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