Creating Snowflake Wedding Invitations

Snowflake wedding invitations. What a lovely idea. Every snowflake is different and your diy wedding invitations with snowflakes will be too for your winter wedding.

You can easily design your own wedding invitations and create inexpensive wedding invitations that still have a stylish and elegant look.

Oh how I love a Christmas winter wedding. I got married in December and my theme was purple. I made my own wedding invitations and saved lots of money in the process.

Snowflake invitations are just the perfect choice. Your colour scheme can run from white, blue, silver, grey, gold or purple.

Make Snowflake Invitations

Let's think about the materials you need to create your snowflake wedding invitations. Good quality paper is a must. And envelopes of course. Look for some heavy paper stock. Choose the best quality paper you can afford.

Unique papers can be found in art stores. For paper styles, Vellum, Strathmore Natural White or a Parchment always work well. You can always mix and match papers and try layering for an interesting effect. Don't be afraid to try. After all you are designing your own wedding invitations so play a little for different effects.

Think about the wedding invitations wording. You have free reign here. Gold or silver ink always looks stunning. There are many transfers, stick-ons and lettering available in craft shops. So don't feel that you have to handwrite on the front.

I have a gorgeous snowflake puncher/cutter that I use for my christmas cards. Available in craft shops, this is a must. You will be able to punch out a variety of colours and decide what suits best. Alternatively use a snowflake stamp.

Sheer organza ribbon always looks stunning on handmade wedding invitations. Obviously coordinate this with your wedding colour scheme.

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