Surprise Party Invitations Ideas
Make Your Own Birthday Invitations For 40th, 50th, 60th Birthday

Lordy Lordy look who's turning 40!

surprise party invitations? It's easy make your own surprise birthday party invitations - I won't let anyone in on the secret!

It's great fun planning a surprise party and even more fun keeping it a secret. However, sometimes that is not so easy. My husband arranged a surprise party for my 31st birthday. However, I smelled a rat as he visited me at work, which he never did.

At the time I was working for a famous chocolate company. He requested a tour around the factory, after which we went for a drink. He then proceded to constantly look at his watch. Driving up to our house, I noticed the lights go out very quickly. I tried to feign surprise as I walked through the door. But it was still a great party.

Make surprise birthday party invitations and surprise that special someone in your life!

Surprise Birthday Invitations

You can make surprise birthday invitations using colourful scrapbooking paper as a background. Find a suitable photograph of the person you are holding the party for and place it on the front of the invitation. Handwrite the words Shhhhh, Surprise Party or use rub on lettering.

Another idea is to use a baby photo of the person for the front of the invitation. Make sure it is not an embarassing one though. This is a nice idea if the party is for a 40th or 50th for example as you can then write Lordy, Lordy, Look who's turning 40?

You can also use scrapbook embellishments to decorate the invitation. If for a 21st birthday, you can attach a key onto the front.

Have fun making your suprise birthday party invitations. Don't forget the surprise party invitation wording.

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