Creating Tea Party Invitations

You can make tea party invitations to celebrate many different occasions. You can use my party invitation ideas for an adult or child birthday, a baby shower, bridal shower, valentine party or simply to invite friends round for tea.

Party Invitation Ideas For Tea

First of all you need to determine whether it is to be a formal or a casual party as your invitation wording should reflect this.

Select appropriate scrapbook background paper or colour card stock for the invitation. You can choose florals for a garden tea party, crazy polka dots for a bridal shower, baby scrapbook paper for a baby shower and so on.

One idea is to cut out a shape of a teapot or cup and saucer to make a die cut invitation. If you are artistic you can can draw this freehand and produce a template. Alternatively, search for teapot or cup and saucer clip art to use as a template. Cut a hole in the handle. Purchase some tea bags (preferably in wrappers) and tie one to the handle of each invitation.

On the reverse you can handwrite or print all your party information. Obviously the wording needs to be appropriate for the occasion.

Place your invitation in an envelope, either bought or handmade and seal with a sticker.

Tea Party Wording

Below are ideas for tea party wording to inspire you!

You are invited for a spot of Tea

to celebrate ...... 8th Birthday Par-Tea

You are invited to a Bridal Tea

in honour of our bride-to-be

Please join us for a Bridal Shower Tea

We are having a Birthday Tea

to celebrate ...... 8th Birthday

Tea for One, Tea for Two

Tea for Me and Tea for You!

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