Thank You Card Poems

Here are thank you card poems and thank you card verses for you to use in your handmade cards.

Thank You!

Thank you for being there

When you were needed most

A friend like you is a treasure

I'll always think of what you did

And that really is a fact!

Thank You For The Gift Poems

Just a little note

To say thanks

What more can we say

Other than that the gift you gave us

Brought us so much joy today

Thanks, thanks, thanks

For the lovely baby gift

And for sharing in our special day

it really gave us a lift!

Such a thoughtful gift you sent us

With a very special touch

It sure means so much to us

So thank you very much

Just a card to thank you

And a few words to tell you too

The gift is so appreciated

And more so because it came from you

We sincerely appreciate

And thank you most warmly

For the lovely baby shower gift

Thank You Cards Verses

Thank you for coming

To our most special day of the year

A friend like you we hold in our hearts so dear

Without you at our wedding

It wouldn't have seemed so right

You being there made it so happy and so bright

Many many thanks

You brought us great delight

In sharing in our special day

And made it so happy and so bright

Feel free to change the wording to suit the occasion or even have a go at composing your own thank you phrases.

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