Make A Thank You Card

Here are ideas for a handmade thank you card. Having some readily available for when you need to say thanks after a funeral, for a gift, baby shower, wedding or birthday.

You can also make unique cards to thank your bridesmaids after the wedding or those who attended your bridal shower.

You can easily buy your own online or at the store, but making your own handmade cards is much more fun. Your guests will not only appreciate them, but even more so because they have been created by you.

If you handmade your own invitations, why not keep to the same theme. Inside, handwrite your thanks, compose a poem and perhaps include a picture taken at the event.

Obviously if sending out a large number of cards keep the design simple. The wording inside is more important. However, if you are creating a one off thank you, then the design can be more elaborate.

Have fun saying thanks!

handmade thank you cards

Sample Thank You Wording For Cards

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for the gorgeous outfit you sent for Jack. It is adorable! He is going to look so cute and it is a perfect choice for the holiday months.

Thanks again.


Don't stress over your thank you wording for cards, here you will find thank you notes and wording ideas for every occasion.

Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Poems To Say Thanks

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