Creating Las Vegas Wedding Invitations

"Vegas, where money makes the world go round!"

Make your own Vegas wedding invitations. Making Las Vegas wedding invitations that leave a lasting impression is a must when getting married in Vegas! Did you know that over 120,000 couples get married in Las Vegas each and every year.

Vegas Destination Wedding Invitaitons

Do you want Elvis at your wedding or another famous celebrity? it all happens in Vegas. A Las Vegas wedding can be anything from a small affair to a major event in a grand ballroom at a Las Vegas Resort. There is the Forever Grand Wedding Chapel at the MGM Stand or The Wedding Chapel at Bellagio or The Venetian to name but a few.

So with the venue booked you now need to start thinking about those invites. Your invites could go down the theme of Tropicana with some bright yellow or orange card and black text.

How about a stunning black and white photograph of a Las Vegas Casino. Place the photograph on the front of some cream or white heavy card stock. Text can be printed inside and then finish off with a vellum overlay.

If you love Elvis, he could be the theme of your invitations. Place the King on the front and you'll have everyone talking.

When I think of Vegas I think of gambling, cards and casinos so how about creating a playing card as your invitation. Place the invitation in a silver or black handmade envelope.

Another idea is to create a casino chip. You will obviously need round invitations for this. Print all the text around the outside of the invitation.

How about using the Las Vegas Welcome sign on the front of your invitation. The sign is so famous, everyone knows it. Use some good quality black card and place the sign on the front. Tie with some ribbon and add a Vegas casino chip. If you look on ebay you are sure to find some.

Vegas is exciting, fun and romantic and is surely The Wedding Captital of the World. I wish you all the best for your destination wedding.

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