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Another way of saving money on your cheap wedding stationery is to buy wedding invitation kits. You have probably come across these already in your hunt for wedding invitations.

The invitation kits come in all shapes and sizes and an array of colours are available. They come with pretty much everything you will need, from embellishments to envelopes, to make the complete wedding invitation. There are also detailed instructions so you can't really go wrong.

Purchasing wedding kits for invitations are a good idea if you want to save money and don't really want the effort of designing something yourself. They also work out cheaper than buying custom made wedding stationery so are one way of reducing your stationery costs and still having stylish cheap wedding invitations.

I know of people who have used such kits successfully and have added crystals or ribbons to the finished invitation to jazz them up and add a more personal touch.

For a smaller wedding they are a great idea as you won't be faced with a large minimum order and end up with excess wasted wedding invitations. They quite often are available to purchase in muliples of 10 and are available to buy at large stationery stores or online.

However, if you would rather make your own from scratch then take a look here for ideas and tips to make your own wedding invitations.

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